My thoughts on being in Bogota, Colombia for less than a week

My thoughts so far on being in Bogota, Colombia, South America for less than a week (as of Thursday 24 Nov 2022)

  • Most people seem friendly and nice.
  • In terms of standards of living, CO seems similar to or maybe slightly better than the Philippines or Indonesia
  • The hardest thing for me so far has been to rapidly re-learn #Spanish.
  • If you don’t know at least a little Spanish, you might suffer due to being unable to communicate with most people here.
  • There are bread stores all over the place.
  • There are still a lot of foods that I am unfamiliar with.
  • In terms of cost of living, Colombia might be a great place to study Spanish in a uni or college.
  • Overall, it seems pretty safe. There was just one night where I felt really unsafe with some presumably homeless guy hovering outside a locked convenience store late at night, and appearing dangerous. I had to wait for him to leave. Besides that, for the most part, Colombia has felt pretty safe.
  • I still feel, like I’ve felt for years, that the best way to actually learn about a place, is to physically visit it. Watching videos and reading books can be beneficial. But, there are so many things you have to experience for yourself to really know a place.

Bogota, Colombia

Colombia Map

Going forward, I hope to write more consistently here. See you in the next one!


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