My current goals:

November 2019 goals

  • Learn about Amazon FBA 1-2 hours daily.
  • Wake up by 6 AM daily and in bed by midnight. Why? I haven’t been getting enough sleep and my sleep cycle isn’t consistent enough.
  • Read for 1 hour daily
  • Make 1 weekly article
  • Plan daily. At least every morning, plan my days. Ideally also do it at night and plan for the next day.

Long term goals

  • By end of July 2021, make 3000 USD or Euro (whichever is higher) in personal income per month from passive online income. If I am generating most or all from Amazon FBA, I need to make 6000 USD or Euro which will make it 3000 for personal and 3000 business profit which I would then re-invest back into the company.